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The Drummond Hotel - A Place of Pride...

“I wish to be buried in Ireland, the country of my adoption – a country which I loved, which I have faithfully served, and for which I believe I have sacrificed my life.”
Captain Thomas Drummond 1797 – 1840

The Drummond Hotel is steeped in history dating back almost four centuries ago. Named after Captain Thomas Drummond who held the position of Irish Under Secretary from 1835 until his death in 1840, the hotel still preserves a distinct 19th Century feel through its architecture and traditional décor. A plaque to honour Mr Drummond and his contribution to life in 19th Century Ireland, stands proudly on the hotel’s front lawn.

On a wider scale of historical interest, the famous ‘Londonderry Air’, more commonly as “Danny Boy” was penned by Jane Ross in the nearby town of Limavady.

The Drummond Hotel is owned and managed by Jim and Mairead Peoples who take pride in the homely, family run establishment which they have nurtured and grown over the past 30 years.